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Treating Sciatica

The condition known as sciatica manifests itself in pain that radiates down from the back into the buttock and/or the leg on the back or outward side. Symptoms de discomfort, pain, burning, tingling, stabbing and/or aching at any point along the path taken by the sciatic nerve, which is t longest nerve in the body. In severe cases pain may be associated with weakness, and it can be recurrent unless the cause is found and treated. This might involve the oval of pressure on the sciatic nerve that is caused by misalignment of the lumbar spine. The chiropractor will also want to treat weak or tense muscles that can cause imbalances, the most under appreciated causes of chronic musculoskeletal problems.

P.S. Sciatica may also be caused by a prolapsed (herniated) intervertebral disc.

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