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An Ancillary Health Care Finance System.

  • Receive quality chiropractic healthcare!
  • Unlimited visits!
  • No waiting periods!
  • No deductibles!
  • No claim forms to fill out!
  • No worries about pre-existing conditions!

Enjoy the benefits!

Because healthcare costs have risen so rapidly, it has not been easy to find quality chiropractic healthcare at an affordable price.

Most health care plans offer no chiropractic healthcare benefits! With so many other things to pay for, chiropractic care has been out of reach for most individuals and families.

Until now.

Chiro Net

Chiro Net believes that almost anyone who needs chiropractic healthcare should have it available.

Chiro Net is not an insurance plan, but an unique Ancillary Health Care Finance System that allows you to pay a small yearly participation fee and a per visit service fee.

If you or a family member can benefit from chiropractic care, you will want to become a member of Chiro Net today.

Become a Member!

Your Highway to a healthier lifestyle ...

With this plan, it has never been easier to receive quality chiropractic care. Because you become a member as soon as you complete the application form and your annual fees have been processed, the benefits of Chiro Net begin immediately!

There are no waiting periods, concerns for pre-existing conditions, exclusions or other restrictions to prevent you and your family from receiving immediate treatment.

... begins at Hospital Drive Chiropractic Clinic!

So convenient and so affordable!

Your membership fee covers the entire year, and there is only a $15 co-pay fee per visit!

The Individual Plan costs only $149 per year.

The Individual Plus One Plan costs only $249 per year.

The Family Plan costs only $349 per year.

Finally, affordable coverage for you and your family!

That's real value!

That's Chiro Net!

To sign up for Chiro Net, please contact Dr. Quintas and make an appointment for a free consultation today!!